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Kaden is a social worker caring for students seeking support through Student Health and Counseling. Kaden has earned their bachelor’s degree in Women’s and Gender Studies with a minor in LGBT Studies from Temple University. After their undergraduate career, Kaden earned their Master of Social Work from Temple’s College of Public Health. Kaden specializes in working with those from social, financial, racial, ethnic, sexual, and gender expansive backgrounds who are impacted and/or have lived experiences with systems of oppression and inequality. 

Kaden provides psychotherapy from a trauma-responsive and social justice lens—seeking to support students in learning how to identify and use their strengths while practicing compassion and empathy towards themselves. Kaden’s clinical interests include liberation psychology, harm-reduction, sexual health, race and racism, first-gen students and professionals, neurodiversity, chronic illness, and the trans/non-binary experience. 

Outside of Penn, Kaden enjoys relaxing at home with their cats, streaming the latest true crime docuseries, or trying new creative projects.