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Prevention, Education, & Promotion Requests

Wellness at Penn's Public Health and Wellbeing team is dedicated to creating a community of care through advocacy, education, and action.
Thank your interest in hosting a Wellness at Penn event! All events are facilitated by professionals with expertise in public health, health education, medicine, psychology, and social work. Below you will find a description of each of our workshops followed by a link to our workshop request form. Please fill out and submit this form and a Health Educator will reach out to organize your event.

Each of our workshops are centered around the 8 Domains of Wellness (emotional, physical, social, intellectual, environmental, occupational, financial, and spiritual).

SUPER Program (Substance Use, Prevention, Education, and Recovery)

A choose your own adventure-style workshop covering harm reduction strategies and support resources around alcohol and other substance use. Learn more about the SUPER Program.

Narcan training is also available, in partnership with MERT.


Abortion Access: Implications for Institutes of Higher Education 

The reversal of Roe v. Wade will impact access to reproductive care in Pennsylvania. Join Wellness to learn more about the statutory history of abortion access, and an overview of relevant policies you should know about as a student.

Health Insurance 101

Informative workshop reviewing health insurance key terms and tips for choosing and using health insurance.

i care and Helping Students in Distress

Identifying signs of concern, referral skills, and resources for support. i care is a 3-hour training with predetermined times throughout the semester while Helping Students in Distress is a shorter, request-able training covering similar skills and information.

Learn more about i care here.

Imposter Syndrome

This workshop will explain what imposter syndrome is, present strategies to combat it, and provide space to discuss how imposter syndrome impacts you and your peers at Penn.

Infectious Disease

Informative presentation giving education and updates about infectious disease (e.g. Influenza, COVID-19).

Mindfulness and Meditation

Information about mindfulness, guided meditations, and trauma-informed yoga/movement.

Nutrition and Physical Activity

Interactive workshop discussing strategies and recommendations for daily nutrition and physical activity needs, workshop can be done as Quizzo or Jeopardy.

Sexual Assault and Trauma

Workshops facilitated by the Sexual Trauma Treatment Outreach and Prevention Team (STTOP) centering around conversations on intimacy, boundaries, safety, and trauma within relationships.

Sexual Health

Interactive education and discussion on healthy and safe sexual relationships, workshops can be done as Quizzo or Jeopardy.

Interested in this program? Fill out our pre-registration form.

Sleep Hygiene

Interactive workshop providing information and strategies to facilitate better sleep, workshops can be done as Quizzo or Jeopardy.

Interested in this program? Fill out our pre-registration form.

Stress and Self-Care

Workshop focusing on recognizing signs of stress, coping strategies & when/where to seek help when needed.

Request a Workshop

Request a Workshop

Workshops must be requested at least 2 weeks in advance. If you are a staff or faculty member looking to request an orientation session or other orientation-related outreach, please reach out directly to Lauren Cordova, Associate Director of Wellbeing Initiatives, at