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Faculty and staff who are referring students for medical or counseling care should take the following steps: 
  • Is it an emergency? 
    • Yes: Call 511 or the Division of Public Safety: 215-573-3333. Help is available 24/7.
    • No: Ask the student if they would like to speak to a provider in Student Health and Counseling.
      • If they say yes, direct them to call 215-746-WELL (9355)
      • If they say no and you are still concerned, contact the following  undergraduate offices:
      • If they say no and you are still concerned, contact the following graduate /professional offices:
        • Annenberg: Graduate Studies, 215-573-6349
        • Arts and Sciences, Graduate Division: Program Office, 215-898-7444
        • Arts and Sciences, LPS: Program Office, 215-898-7326
        • Dental: Office of Academic Affairs and Student Life, 215-898-9988
        • Design: Student Services, 215-746-2263
        • Engineering: Office of Academic Services , 215-898-7246
        • Education: Student Success Office, 215-898-6456
        • Law: Student Affairs, 215-898-7482,
        • Medicine, MD: Student Affairs, 215-898-7190
        • Medicine, BGS: Administrative Director, 215-898-2793,

          Medicine, Masters: Director, 215-614-1835,
        • Nursing: Student Services, 215-898-6687,
        • School of Social Policy & Practice: Student Services, 215-215-898-5503
        • Dean of Students, 215-746-5895
        • Veterinary Medicine: Office for Students, 215-898-3525
        • Wharton, MBA: Program Office, 215-898-7604
        • Wharton, Doctoral: Director, 215-898-2619
Helping Students in Times of Stress

As the violence in the Middle East continues, it carries a rippling effect across the world--impacting students across the Penn community and beyond. We are all likely experiencing a range of emotional discomfort. Wellness at Penn is here to support you and help you manage your wellbeing. Learn more here. You can also visit the Jed Foundation's page for helpful tips: How to Help Your Students and Staff Cope With Safety Threats in the Community and World.