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As the violence in the Middle East continues, it carries a rippling effect across the world--impacting students across the Penn community and beyond. We are all likely experiencing a range of emotional discomfort.

We know that times like these can bring up many emotions such as sadness, anxiety, anger, frustration, fear, loneliness, and grief. If you are feeling any of these emotions, know that it is normal and that you are not alone. Wellness at Penn is here to support you and help you manage your wellbeing. 

Tips for Coping with World News and Events

Share your feelings
It is okay to feel a mix of many different emotions. Sharing your feelings with a trusted family member, friend, therapist, or religious leader can help you feel less alone and more empowered to cope. 

Take breaks from the news and social media
Our lives are inundated with information that can feel overwhelming at times. Remember that you are in control and can set boundaries around your media consumption, including who and what you follow, how you receive notifications, and when it is time to unplug.  

Maintain a self-care routine
During times of uncertainty, finding ways to maintain a routine can help our minds and bodies cope. Eat three meals a day, maintain a regular sleep schedule, connect with nature, make a gratitude list, and remember to try to enjoy the simple things.

Connect with others
Remember that we all need human connection and community to thrive. Be sure to check in with others and share how you’re feeling with those trusted sources around you. 

The current situation can bring unique challenges when either connecting or conversing. Our colleagues at the Paideia Program offer unique tips on how to navigate these situations:

Sources of Support

Wellness at Penn: Student Health and Counseling

Jed Foundation


Online Harassment

  • If you are concerned about online harassment and bullying, such as doxing, cyberbullying, and trolling, visit Penn's Online Harassment page

Get Immediate Help in Crisis

Visit our Get Help Now page for Penn-specific resources.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Call 1-800-273-8255 (24/7) or online chat from 2 PM-2 AM:

Crisis Text Line
Text HOME to 741741 (24/7):

Trevor Project
Call 1-866-488-7386 (24/7), online chat, or text START to 678678: