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As a Data Analyst at the University of Pennsylvania, Kendra applies the expertise she cultivated at Brock University, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. With a focused interest in health equity, Kendra has dedicated the past four years to health-related research. Kendra’s journey began as a Research Assistant in Adolescent Development Studies, progressing to roles such as Clinical Research Coordinator, overseeing sleep disorder research endeavors. 

Kendra proudly hails from Southern Ontario, Canada. Outside of work, Kendra indulges in various hobbies, including gaming, baking delectable desserts, and spending quality time with their beloved cats. Exploring Philadelphia's diverse culinary landscape is another passion, with Lucky's Last Chance topping the list for casual dining and Talula's Garden for special occasions.
What truly distinguishes Kendra’s experience at Penn is the sense of community and shared commitment to promoting positive change. Interactions with colleagues are filled with passion and inspiration, fostering an environment where every day presents an opportunity to contribute to meaningful endeavors.