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Wellness at Penn will launch its Peer Wellness Coaching program in Spring 2024

What is Wellness Coaching?

Wellness coaching at Penn is a free and preventative service that enhances Penn students’ wholistic wellbeing. Our Peer Wellness Coaches are well trained to offer 1-1 coaching to students. You will feel heard, supported, and empowered after coaching. Moreover, you will be clearer about your wellness goals, make action plans toward those goals, and be kept accountable by your coach. 

What topics are covered?

Wellness Coaching at Penn uses the “8 Domains of Wellness” as its framework. Your Wellness Coach will offer support, resources, and accountability in the following topics:

  • Physical health: sleep, nutrition, physical activities, etc.
  • Emotional health: emotion regulation, confidence, imposter syndrome, stress management, etc.
  • Time management and procrastination
  • Relationships
  • Navigating transitions
  • Finances
  • Career 
  • Spirituality

Wellness Coaching is NOT…

  • Counseling
  • A clinical service
  • Diagnosis or treatment for mental illness


Wellness Coaching at Penn is available to any currently enrolled students that attend Penn in person.